November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013


We had a wonderful time last night!  Who wouldn’t have fun with Strawberry Shortcake and feel super de-duperty safe with the Red Megaforce Ranger?!?!  Shoooooooot…..

We’ve made some fun new friends through Quint’s soccer team, and as luck would have it – they live in our neighborhood (whoop!).  For the first time in ten years of living here, we met lots new peeps, had delicious food at a block-style BBQ (maybe ate too much of the amazing pulled pork - ahem), and Trick-or-Treated until we dropped.  (Maybe Mama and Daddy dropped, more than the kids so much).  

*And, btw…shout out to our friends who hosted a really great “BOOgers and HalloWEENIES” for the whole neighborhood or anyone who wanted to come by.  They stood outside their home, in the driveway and fed people.  Parents walking by were handed fresh grilled hotdogs or BBQ pulled pork sandwiches right out of the smoker.  There is just not enough of that anymore, friends.  I don’t how many people they fed last night or managed to reach out to, in general – but it was just some kind of awesome.  I’m so tired of living in a head down, cyber obsessed (writes the blogger…oy!) eyes averted society.  This was so refreshing…we shared conversation with people we have never met, shook hands with people we’d like to get to know better, and ate a meal with friends we’re just learning about.  It’s easy to forget how isolated some of us have become – until we step out and just do something different.  Reminded me of all the get-togethers my parents used to host.  Tons of people, even more food, and so much laughter and fun.  This is what I remember.  This is what I want my kids to remember!*

Back at home, candy was dumped unceremoniously into piles, sorted, and enjoyed.  Until the sugar high turned into sugar coma and bedtime was calling.  (I refer to myself, of course - ahem) I’m assuming this scenario played out in many houses across the miles…

Halloween just brings back some really fond memories for me as a kid.  Shuffling around our neighborhood last night in the crisp Fall air, big groups of costumed kids running house to house shouting “this light’s ON!” and lugging overweight sacks of candy lower and lower to the ground…it just reminded me that even in the midst of heavy changes the world over, even while life moves on at rapid speed – some things, thankfully, remain very much the same. 

Grateful for friends, traditions, and sweet fun!


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Debbie said...

Naomi went as Strawberry Shortcake last year and that costume (especially the wig) entertained her all year long.

Sounds like you live in a wonderful neighborhood. We've been trying to make some changes in our lives that will put us face-to-face with friends and family more than behind a computer screen. It's challenging to get others on the same page, but a good goal none-the-less.

Leggio said...

Oh my goodness. Too Cute!!!!!

Brandi said...

Love those costumes! I have one that ADORES Strawberry Shortcake too!

likeschocolate said...


Paula said...

Fun times!!!