August 25, 2013


No, I totally get it.  It's ok, let's just say it together:  I've become a pitiful blogger.  If I told you that it was for a good reason, would you still be annoyed at my "come here" and "go away" frequency?  Yes?  Ok...then skip it.

Let's go to the part where I just say that I've been waiting for a lot of stuff to burn off in my life.  Guess what?  It never does.  I mean, it does.  Sort of.  But it just gets replaced by new crap.  I mean "stuff".  So why bother waiting for all of my life fires to die down - they aren't going to.

Meanwhile, I updated the blog look with a fresh "September/I'm still here/cute-cartoony-version-of-me/I'm still here" feel.   I did it for you!  Ok, I did it for me AND for you.  And, let's be honest - the cartoon is cuter than me.  She has absolutely no life wear and tear on her.  This is likely why I enjoy having her up there. And she's perky and has rosey cheeks.  Maybe a little too much rosey and pink gloss isn't really my color...but I digress.

I have a billion and one things to tell you.  About me, about AB, about the kids...

I have 4,721 posts rolling around about 30-Days of Nothing, extreme couponing, Kindergarten (woe is me), motherhood, marriage, home improvement, summer, life and hardship, vacations, school, blogging (and even the lack thereof), impending Fall (eep!), my broken air conditioner, Facebook, pictures, cooking, and even Paula Dean.  Yes, Paulagate.  I have stuff about even that.  

Now ask me how many of them I've written for you.  No, wait.  Don't! 



And yet, I updated the look!  See how the cartoony girl shines?  (ahem)

I just want you to know that I've got stuff.  You heard me right.  Stuff.  Stuff is brewing...over here in my cauldron of...writing stuff.

Maybe you care to hear it and maybe you don't.  Maybe you're just over me.  I know I usually am!  

But if you're not...maybe this old girl can pump out some legit blogging on this here old steamer, and maybe we - that's you and I - can make some sense out of the past 15 months of my life.  Heck, the whole (mumblestuttermesslefussle) years of my life.

And I'm actually going to try and not have a post about how I'm going to post again, only to not post again.  Yes, because that's just for the birds.  Also it makes me feel like crap.  I mean "stuff".  

Meanwhile, if you haven't met Miss Sassypants and her sidekick Mr. Bossypants - then you don't know what Bo knows...I'm just sayin'.

© Bushel & a Peck

Here's to not falling off the Bloggy Wagon...again...for the 11th time.  Again.


Briana's Mom said...

Please come back soon! I want to read more!

(My air conditioner broke a few weeks ago and the water coming from it leaked into my master bedroom ceiling and down a wall - causing minor damage. Lots of money later - we have a new air conditioner. My house feels better but my wallet not so much. I feel your pain.)

Carrie said...

Nice to "see" you again. My goodness your kids are getting big! How did that happen!?!

Ashley said...

Ha! Great picture!

Paula said...

You really MUST get it all down on paper/screen! At the very least, get SOME of it down. I so enjoy reading your "stuff". I am cracking up!

I hear you about the A/C. Dealt with it last year and again for the first six weeks of this season because the A/C company didn't get to the root of the problem last year, they simply put a bandaid on it and claimed it was fixed.

I always check's hoping for a post, or two, three!

Awesome pic! My, they are getting big!!!