March 22, 2013

Flash Back Friday - just because

I don't recycle much.  I mean, I doWe do.  We have the blue bin and we fill it every week.  Ish.  (cough)

But on the blog - I don't rely on recycling posts too often.  And that's likely because I haven't posted in for-freaking-ever.  But who's counting.  Or maybe you are.  (but don't...because I'm like the wind or...I'm windy...or...cold...whatever...nevermind.  This analogy is going absolutely no where really a car...that goes fas.....)  I blame this on too much coffee in the morning. 

I came across a post I wrote two years ago this month, and it resonated with me deeply (again) and so I'm sharing it (again).  In case you missed it.  

And in case you, like me, needed a gentle reminder...

Because I did.  I really did...

Smooches and Happy Friday!

(click this link to enjoy Flash Back Friday!)


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