July 11, 2009

so, he's not a mama's boy

and actually, I'm ok with that...

because the beautiful trade off is that he's a total Daddy's boy

and it's something incredibly wonderful to behold

for both of them

and it makes me so happy


Kim said...

Have a great Sunday...

jose, ana y nuestra natalia said...

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frogglet said...

Great pictures of your daddy's boy.

Have a great weekend.


Christy said...

Alas the tide will change back eventually but take advantage of the "daddy" phase becuase it comes with some awesome advantages. When Mia is in a daddy stage she wants daddy to do EVERTYHING for her and it is awesome becuase I totally get a break-- but alas, the tide changes back and she becomes a mommys girl again and I get to do everything-- Oh well, its good to be needed!!!!

Christy :)

Young Creations said...

Hey Friend,
Thanks for the comment. I have been so busy with summer. I have some great pictures from the Fourth to post. I will do it soon. Your little guy is soo sooo sooo cute. I can't even believe it. I have been reading updates and I think you should be hearing about Keira soon. I can't wait to hear about her.
Talk to you soon.