September 5, 2008

Out of town and other tidbits

I'm out of town with Quint to show him off to relatives, so that's the reason for my radio silence lately - and here's my $.02. All you single hats are off to you! I want to give you sincerest credit because O.M.G. - this single parent gig is kicking my derriere. AB - I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU, SEE YOU SUNDAY!

Visiting family is wonderful, but it's so hard to be on the road and away from home and the comfort of the daily schedule. Quint has finally met his maternal grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even his great grandparents! Needless to say - he's VERY popular!

Auntie Ashley - my baby sister with her very first nephew...


We also went to one of my all time hands down best ever nothinglikeitintheworld Sushi places and he did great...right up until he melted down. Gah! Didn't make the Pepper Fin Tuna taste any less amazing.

My brothers, who make me laugh so hard I can't breath or sit up straight.

My Daddy. If you've read my blog for the last two years - then you're well aware that we almost lost my Dad last year and that being able to take this picture is a blessing to me. If your curious, you can read about my Dad's miraculous recovery here.

Quint is a handful and in to everything - he's also walking while holding onto things and sprouted yet another tooth, which brings our grand total up to FOUR. All four front teeth are officially in!

These two pictures show Quint talking on the phone with his Daddy. I swear, no one can make him smile like his Daddy saying "how's my boy!" through the phone!

Grandpa and Quinty

And this is Great Grandpa Chuck - who is my Bushel and a Peck. See here. Love him!

So anywhoo - that's the latest and I've got a few more days until I travel back home and I have this to say...

Quint meeting his maternal family for the first time and their happy reactions to him = priceless

Quint sprouting another tooth and developing his toothy adorable grin while on the road = priceless

Riding on an airplane for three + hours with a squirmy cranky into everything 10 month old in your lap while you apologize to the other passengers around you and want to crawl under your seat or jump out the emergency row exit = Freaking Expensive. And I don't have a parachute anyway. Sob. Again, single parents - hat's off.


Kim said...

Sounds like you have had a Great time visting with family....
Looks like Quint is getting LOTS of attention...
Love the pictures..
Have a Great Trip home..

Eloise said...

Pre-children I was very impatient with fussy babies on airplanes and would think to myself, "Why doesn't that mother quiet that baby down?" Then after I had children, I realized there is NO ONE on that plane who wants that baby to be still and quiet more than that mother! I imagine you've figured out the same thing.

Have a wonderful visit with your family and a safe, quiet and uneventful trip home.

Unknown said...

thanks for posting more beautiful photos

Amie said...

stumbled upong your blog...

Oh how sweet is that little Quint!!! SO stinkin' adorable!

We have 2 daughters from china and we are waiting Travel Aprroval for our little man and hope to travel in October. I feel for your wait and pray that things speed up and you don't need to wait much longer!



Anonymous said...

GAH! You're in California!


GAH! Ashley is like a grown up woman!

I can't freaking believe you're in CA and didn't tell me. What is up with that?

Good old Mikuni. I also miss Taka's, but I know Mikuni was always your and AB's fave.

Girl, if you're up for a road trip I will totally meet ya somewhere in the middle. I would love to squish that little guy.

Hope you are having a good visit with your fam. And please tell Ashley she is so GORGEOUS! (like her big sis!)

Safe trip home!


Anonymous said...

I've tagged you with a meme on my blog. :) as we know it. said...

How wonderful for your family to get to meet Quint, just wonderful.

You are doing a great solo act!

Anonymous said...

It was sure great to see both of you. I want to see more pictures with females in them (Grandma and Grandmama.)
Love you, Julie

Elise said...

Just checking in....fabulous photos and glad you have your family there to share in your joy!!!

S.Wise said...

Awww. Were you in Cali? :) Looks like you are doing a pretty darn good job with that little guy! Hope your trip home went well!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christie,

Just wanted to let you know Christa and I had a blast when you came down here. I don't think I've never laughed so hard in my life. You are so funny. Quint is so adorable...... he's the cutest baby in the world. I'm so glad that you were able to come down and that Christa and I had a chance to see you and Quint. We love you.(all three of you) I was wondering if you would mind if I gave a friend you blog site? She has adopted a baby in Guatemala and has another one coming. I mentioned you and she said she would love to read your blog, so just let me know. Email address is

Love you bunches,
Autumn and Christa