January 7, 2007

Where have I been?!?!

I've been horrible about posting! Yikes - already into the new year and nary a post from me...I have truly (TRULY) been so busy, that I've hardly had a chance. We had a very busy holiday with a housefull, we had a blast New Year's Eve with my M3 Adoption Posse (minus two and their hubbies..sniffle) and since then AB has returned to school, I've gotten back to the swing of work (ok, I worked the entire holiday) and we've come to some grim terms with this adoption process. I'll share those in a post to come in a day or two.

Meanwhile, I have so many pictures to share - it's frankly stupid. I've spent the last two hours making slide shows to make it easier for you to look at...hope it helps - there are no captions but you'll get the gist of it all.

Starting with Christmas - we had a great time and had a full house. What started as "just us" turned into just us, my cousins from Cali and their newborn and newly adopted son, AB's parents and our good friends E and L. The food was terrific and so was the Wii party we all ended up in. It was too funny to watch my in-laws batting and bowling their little Wii remotes! This from a woman who can hardly stand it that we're gamers to begin with! Anton outdid himself with an amazing dinner and we were all so full it was hard to enjoy dessert (but we managed). On a side note - the dogs love Christmas - and Kaleigh (black dog) loves opening presents. Also, Anton and I did stockings for each other (what!?! we have no kids...where's the harm?!?) and this year, we had so much company sleeping everywhere that we just took them in our room (Santa knew where to find them) and opened them on the bed - this all to explain some of the pictures...so here they are:

Meanwhile - can I just add that New Year's was a blast! We spent it with my M3 Adoption Posse and their DARLING hubbies and it was too much fun! Probably the most fun we've ever had on New Year's. I had a wee bit too much in the way of...spirits...(thank you Robyn and Paul - never bring those to a party again!) and the next morning I came out to the living room looking every bit the part. AB smiled at me and whispered "welcome to National Hangover Day". I had to laugh at that...which of course hurt my head terribly. I think by that night the dull sensation of having a sledge hammer through my skull had finally worn off.

**REGARDLESS, a word to the wise - if you don't have a group of women sharing the adoption experience with you that can really and truly relate - go out this instant and recruit! There is just no possible way I could be getting through this without them. Without further ado...

Ok, so if my gang doesn't enjoy those shots (a couple of which I swiped from R), then I don't know who will! To really appreciate some of the "action" pics, you have to understand that for two and a half hours we played "Turbo Club Cranium" and it was a total hoot! That will explain the times you see us manipulating arms, doing charades, etc. We laughed so hard I was literally dizzy...oh wait...I don't think that was the laughter in retrospect, that was making me dizzy!

Well, onward and upward...I will post again soon with some more juicy pics and some tidbits of the latest and greatest. Gotta spread the love, or my faithful peeps might get bored reading my drivel.




Kelley said...

So sad that we missed the M3 party (sob!), but I've seen ALL the photos and got the scoop. The only upside to missing the bash is that we weren't hung over on New Year's Day! Can't wait to see you again!

Nina said...

Great photos - looks like this holiday season has been a lot of fun for you!!

Hopefully next year Keira Joy will be part of the fun!

Robyn said...

Okay, so I was going to give you a hard time for waiting so long to post, but that awesome slide show was so worth the wait. Glad that you have recovered from our little party. See you soon!!

Valerie said...

I bow to your knowledge of blogger and want to be given permission to enter the "B" world. I want my blog to look cool like your blog!!!!

Great pictures, glad you survived the holiday season...onward ho!