December 12, 2006

No time to say "Hello, Goodbye"

Sorry all - I've been out of the loop. I'm a bit of a disaster. Not only emotionally (thank you suck A** referral month) but also physically. If I'm being honest (and I am as far as you know) I've had two horrible periods in the past three weeks. Yes, in the past three weeks. Last time I checked these were supposed to be spaced apart by 28 days, give or take a few. Is something wrong, I wonder? Second, I just recovered from a nasty upper-respiratory infection. Which was bad, in and of itself. My doctor was kind enough to prescribe for a me a really efficient anti-biotic, but failed to mention that it would cause this within hours of taking it. Needless to say, this is now my best friend. Too much info? Is that what I hear? Well tough. Imagine how I feel?!? Read someone else blog for Christmas cheer. Mine is gloom, doom, and despair. Who would have thought that antibiotics could give you so much grief! I feel great from the chest up - but hit the nether-regions and we're in trouble. And when I did the research about Ketek (said antibiotic), I realized I'm not alone. Other women have experienced this side affect as well. Well, HMPH, and double HMPH. Doesn't this picture say it? I'm just so, I don't know...tired.

Another gripe is that I'm not done Christmas shopping by a long shot, haven't mailed gifts to my secret pal or family, and haven't even begun to think about Christmas cards. To make matters more interesting, I'm buried in my work that pays for these gifts. No time. I also have company coming this week and I'm not ready. Not ready, I tell you! My cousins are coming to adopt - their birth mom is giving birth not far from where we live - they asked to stay here while they receive the baby and finalize the paperwork - could be up to two weeks - all in all fine with me and hubby (we are big fans of adoption after all), but with everything else - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Oh, and we got a really dreadful e-mail from our agency this week about policy changes with the CCAA, etc. Not going into detail - just saying that as patient as we've tried to be - the hits just keep on coming. Won't affect us this round - but if we go through China again for a second adoption, let's just say we (the Beaver Cleaver family) would be in trouble. That's how scary the guildelines are getting. What was it I said at the beginning? Oh yeah, sucks A**!

And a bah humbug to us all.

Other than that -

AB and his good buddy Charlie got to go see the Cowboys get spanked the other night at Cowboy stadium, but he had fun. Here's a couple pics...

Also, got to spend time with my favorite baby today (also known as "the other Keira" - because that's her name too) and she is just too cute. She laughs all the time, love-love-loves to read books,(or rather have me read to her) and loves to look at things and say "ohhhh" and "yeah" and "ahhhhkay". She's so cute, but she wears this girl out! SCARY! Also, it must be nice to visit somewhere for the day where there is a nursery fit for a princess waiting for you and even has "your" name on wall in big white letters? Not to mention the vast supply of toys, clothing, books, and blankets just waiting to be used by chubby, grubby baby hands. Must be nice. I always tell her that she's Keira's "big sister" or sorts, and that she must try out everything to make sure it's fun and kid-friendly. She happily obliges. But as I say, cant be too hard when your name is on the wall. She must think this is her personal retreat while away from home! At least someone is using the stuff - it helps a little that I get to practice saying Keira's name and playing with Keira's stuff and having someone so adorable, named Keira, respond!

Sorry I'm so cranky otherwise. I have a lot to be thankful for in my life. But right now, I would love to count Keira Joy among them. Right now she is just so far away. It's getting hard. We're getting older. And CCAA will not cooperate. Wait is at 16 months according to our agency. That's July for all you March LID-ers. July before we get matched. Oh, and then there's the nice little tag they love throwing on the end - "and we expect the wait to get longer". God I wish just once they would say "and we anticipate a shorter wait very soon". Would it kill them? Now, I ask you!

Sorry, totally in a crappy Christmas mood and can't seem to snap out of it...


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about being sick. I remember the time I had mono at University and the doc gave me antibiotics and I got the same southern affliction (which I never had before) I FREAKED out! It is yucky but I hope you feel better soon.

Vent away... that is what this place is for. It is something we all feel and go thru. Together we will get thru it and make it.

Keep smilin!


P.S. Blogger is being weird!

Anonymous said...

I will try again to post. Yesterday it wouldn't accept my name/password. I am so sorry you are feeling so poorly. I totally understand the anger/frustration, for what it is worth, you are right on track normal in your reaction (according to what I have heard from others and myself). We missed you today and I hope you are doing better.
Love Valerie

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Christie, life sucks sometimes. Bah Hum Bug is what I say! Not a good Christmas for us either since North Carolina is lookin more and more like home!!

Ah well, I love you girl

Donna said...

I had the VERY same problem last time I took antibiotics. It cured my original problem, but it was no fun after that.

I've also been in a very down mood lately about the adoption....the LONG wait, the new guidelines, the constant mystery. Sometimes it seems so overwhelming, and when you add the holidays on top it seems like just too much!

Take care,'re definitely NOT alone.

Donna :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time. I wish I could be with you just to love on you and let you know that everything will be ok. Waiting for "anything" is so hard, you just want it to be over! But as hard as this is to believe, at this point, is that, this to will end and when it does the waiting will disappear (sorry about the spelling) and you will have nothing but "Joy". Because remember "Joy commeth (sp?) in the morning", and the wait will just fall away into the memory books, and you will be left with Joy.
I love and miss you terribly!

Elise said...

I am sorry this has been a bad month! I hope that things are looking up for you and that you can enjoy the Christmas season some!