October 25, 2006

Anton says "Thanks"

So, for the first time, it’s not Christie writing here, but Anton.

Hi everyone, it’s Anton.

Now that we firmly rammed into the ground; “who is doing the blogging”, the next question would be …why?

I just celebrated my 35th birthday today. Yippee. I am so NOT one to do big things on my birthday, so I did my usual routine. Alarm at 4:30, out by 4:45, doing laps at the natatorium by 5:15, finished by 6:15, and then school from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm (with rehearsals and such) followed by going home, having my birthday dinner with my wife, and then crashing at home. To be followed by her going to California for 10 days, which I don’t like much. I mean, its okay that she’s in California and all, but I hate being alone over here. This is why I married my best friend …

ANYWAYS, got caught on a tangent there. Bottom line: I got a real COOL present from the secret pal that Christie has, which now makes her MY secret pal. I got a cap with the Chinese characters for “father” on it, so that I could wear it when we go to pick up KJ. I wore it on Saturday, right out of the box; I thought it was so groovy.

So, to the secret pal out there: THANKS SO MUCH!!! For the rest of ya: HIYA! I might do this again in another year or so. If any of you live in the North Dallas area: come see the next play my kids are putting on. Nov. 2 & 3, 7 pm – Pioneer Heritage Middle School – The Phantom Tollbooth. It’s gonna be a very cool thing.

See ya!


4D said...

Good stuff! Happy B-day!

Keep smilin!

Kelley said...

Hey Anton...just wanted to make sure I had your attention! Happy Birthday! I'm sure you are stylin' in your baba hat. And, yes it is true...I was in 2nd grade when you were born!

We miss your best friend too!

Erin said...

Well, happy birthday, Anton! And I can't wait to see your new baba hat. Way cool! KJ is going to LOVE her baba. Tell your best friend and my dear friend that we miss her very much.

And to go along with Kelley's comment, I wasn't even born when you were born - but my mom probably knew I was coming. :-)

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday Anton, just think you are officially HALF-WAY to 70!!! That's is what I told Paul when he reached that milestone last January. Hope you are doing well in your bachelor living these days!!

Valerie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANOTON!!!! Wow 35...Gary literally could be your father and I your lovely slightly older sister ;-))

Keep the home fires burning until your "precious" returns and try to keep your head off the plaster!!

Still laughing over that revelation ;-)))