February 27, 2012

March’s Challenge

Remember when we started these challenges, and I said “some months I’ll post a lot about them, and some months not so much”?  Well, February was clearly a “not so much” kinda month.  And frankly, March isn’t looking so hot either.  But I’ve never been about the “traffic” – so it just is what it is.  Sometimes I feel like I’m in seasons where the writings are just not coming to me – and other times, well, clearly they are.  I just try to be true to the moment.  That’s how we end up with posts like that last one.

Meanwhile, there is A LOT going on!  We are preparing ourselves for a wonderful trip next month, and those details will be revealed Thursday with my March layout!  Also, I need to introduce March’s Challenge to you:

This is a personal challenge.  If you have a bad habit you’ve been wanting to KICK to the curb, then maybe this is your month to make that happen.  Maybe you drink too much soda?  Maybe you smoke?  Maybe you’ve got a potty mouth?  Maybe you go to bed way too late, maybe you don’t exercise, maybe you bite your nails, maybe you watch too much TV or spend too much time on Facebook.  I could keep going, but you get it.  Maybe we ALL have things that could use a tune-up. 

The goal is to pick the one that you would like to work on for one month.  I want you to map out a plan for making this month effective.  Think out how your bad habits are affecting the other areas of your life.  If you spend too much time doing something, how does that impact your day?  If you cut your bad habit out, how will that free you up?  If your health is suffering from your bad habit – how can you incorporate healthier options in its place to see changes immediately? 

Here are three resource articles that you can use to motivate you and include great pointers on how to go about breaking a bad habit:

I also want to go on record as having said: this is your own business.  I am not going to ask anyone to post about it, unless you want to.  And please do let me know if you are blogging about it, so I can ask others to follow along as well. 

Sometimes bad habits are just that: bad.  Bad for us, and sometimes bad for others.  The very nature of a bad habit can be embarrassing.  I don’t want this challenge to be embarrassing, I want it to be ENCOURAGING.  This week, I will talk about my own bad habit and try my darndest to KICK IT for March.  So be thinking about it – as we only have two more days before March is here. 

On another note: I’m so SO so stinking proud of the many of you who have joined us these past six months for the myriad of difficult challenges we have taken on.  I have received SO MANY e-mails about the progress and changes you have made and it has encouraged me WHOLEHEARTEDLY!  I am so BLESSED to have been even a small part in some of the changes that have been made in your lives.  What an incredible amount of things we have all accomplished since September!

More to come Thursday!

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